New Website

Completely New website design coming soon.

BigBang Remix comp.

Finally submitted my entry, good luck to me.



Some great opportunities available at the moment on PromoDJ, Indaba and Remix comps. Brilliant.

Learning Curve

Looking at purchasing some new hardware and software soon. Playing around with vocals at the moment. What I can and can’t do with my software, upgrade seems very likely.

Hard Bass

Watched Hard Bass via their streaming and it was brilliant. Didn’t make the cut for the Tatanka remix but got to hear the winning entry via the live stream. Brilliant.

New year, New Entry.

Still going with projects. Dam shame I am not allowed to post. In between web design and remixes I am still working on my own album. Should be fun as always. Latest remix entry is for Tatanka. Results due soon.

Paloma Faith.

Working on a Paloma Faith remix through Indaba. Actually saw her perform live about 10ft away from me. Great Voice.

Still Here

Busy family responsibilities, kids etc. Will be posting up some newer stuff up shortly from others. Enjoy.

New Stuff

Working on some of my own stuff at the moment while checking out some of the existing competitions. Looking forward to getting some finished work up.

Natalie Orlie

Working on a Natalie Orlie remix comp. Great vocals from Natalie.